Town Hall for THE MESSENGER – Cancelled

Saturday Town Hall Event with panelists is CANCELLED Due to the recent spike in Salt Lake County infections and difficulty in securing COVID-19 tests for panelists, PTC has decided to cancel this Town Hall panel in order to keep our backstage free of possible COVID exposure. Instead, watch a live-stream of playwright Jeff Talbott hold … Continued

Interview with Elf’s Max Chernin

Bringing Elf The Musical to life on stage takes a little bit of stage magic, a lot of talented cast and crew, a believable Santa, and a six-foot tall actor with the enthusiasm of a child who can make you believe in Christmas all over again! PTC is just tickled, like maple-syrup-on-cereal, to have Max Chernin captivate … Continued

Interview with Director Alan Muraoka

By Jennifer Fitzgibbon Alan Muraoka, director of PTC’s upcoming show Elf The Musical, is a well-established actor and director and may look familiar to many of you. That’s because he is also the proprietor of Hooper’s Store on the much-loved “Sesame Street” where he has been a cast member for 23 years! PTC sat down … Continued

Spotlight: Actor T. Ryder Smith

T. Ryder Smith stars in PTC’s upcoming World Premiere Ass. He plays Jule Waterman, the ailing genius sculptor who has to come to terms with his dysfunctional relationship with his family and failing health. Ryder is no stranger to PTC, he also appeared in the 2014 production of Much Ado About Nothing. We sat down … Continued

Spotlight: Music Composer Will Van Dyke

Will Van Dyke is the Music Composer for PTC’s upcoming world premiere Ass. Like all projects that paused during the pandemic he started this project quite a while ago, and he currently serves as the Music Supervisor/Orchestrator/ Arranger of the hit revival of Little Shop Of Horrors Off-Broadway. Will also writes musicals, and frequently collaborates … Continued

The Path from “New Work” to Classic

by Kirsten Park We all love a good classic; there is something familiar and predictable about them, including their quality. Our Town. Death of a Salesman. The Odd Couple. A Raisin in the Sun. Anything by Shakespeare. Productions we know, and that we know we enjoy. They come with a reassurance that our time spent … Continued

Spider Candles for 2021

During the pandemic pause, PTC artist put their creative energies towards Second Act and Second Stitch, making useful unique products out of leftover fabric, metal, and wood. None of these effort was more successful than the Spider Candles for Halloween. Forged from steel used on the set of Sweeney Todd, our candles flew off the … Continued

So, the title.

So, the title. You may be wondering if I am applying an admittedly in-your-face label to someone in particular? To a certain character in the play maybe, or to someone from my own life? It could simply refer to a sculpture emerging in stone. But as I myself do come from a complicated family, let’s … Continued

Design magic with clever repurposing

The pandemic has hit many businesses in different ways. For theatre, it made typical day-to-day business operations come to a halt, and beautiful set designs left untouched for over a year and a half.   In March of 2020, the production of Ass, written by Ellen Simon and directed by Pioneer Theatre Company’s Artistic Director … Continued

Safety Update 2021 | 2022 Season

Updated January 21, 2022 The State Legislator has reversed the Salt Lake County mandate to wear masks while attending indoor gatherings.  This reversal applies to all campus buildings, including Simmons Pioneer Memorial Theatre.  We will continue to request our patrons wear masks, in support of other patrons who benefit from such kind, and often, critical … Continued