Get Involved With PTC Electrics

Get Involved With PTC Electrics

Interested in getting involved with the Pioneer Theatre electrics crew?  We are always looking to add new people to our call list so that we always have a good pool of people to draw from when work comes up.  The main calls for the crew are for hang, focus, and then strike of each show in the season.  Hang and focus call are almost always on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings the two eeks prior to opening from 5:00PM until midnight.  Strike calls are usually on the Sunday after each show closes at 6:00PM.  We often have daytime work during the week of tech before opening as well.

We are happy to take people with all different levels of experience from students to seasoned veterans.  Working for us is a great way for students at all levels to get some hands on experience in a real professional theatre.  We will help you to learn as much as possible in the time that you spend with us.

If you would like more information or to get in touch directly with our master electrician please use the form below or give us a call.  Our master electrician is happy to talk to you about the opportunities here at PTC.  You can find direct phone and email for our master electrician in the staff directory.  If you would like to receive periodic informational emails about volunteer opportunities and paid position openings, contact us.


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