Director’s Brief: Auditions and Light Bulbs

Director’s Brief: Auditions and Light Bulbs

by Karen Azenberg

Just got back from New York at midnight!

It was an astonishing few days of auditions. We saw some really extraordinary actresses for “i.” Besides getting to know more of the incredible talent that’s out there for this play (and others in the future), auditions help me learn about the play. There were several times this week when I know both Jeff Talbot and I felt a light bulb go on, giving us new insight into the storytelling or character development. Auditions can sometimes point out the flaws in the writing—but, in this case, I left New York even more excited about this play. I can’t wait to get started!

And, as I say that, I return to Salt Lake to see a costume fitting for Newsies and the progress that’s been made on the set! My associate Lenny Daniel arrives this weekend and we’ll spend next week starting to figure out the choreography.

(I guess “i” has to wait a little while…)