“Dying is easy, comedy is hard.”

“Dying is easy, comedy is hard.”

by Karen Azenberg

Opening night!

It’s been a fun week watching this crazy play come together.

I owe kudos to Wes Grantom, director of A Comedy of Tenors. As they say, “dying is easy, comedy is hard”—and it is true! Directing a comedy is meticulous, painstaking work and Wes has done a beautiful job of it. To get comedy to work, you have to spend hours on timing: the timing of door slams; the timing of punchlines; the timing of entrances and exits; and then you get and audience and you have to adjust your timing according to when the audience is actually laughing. Or so we hope.

It is hard work.

On other fronts, we have begun building the set of Newsies and I saw preliminary designs for “i.” Very exciting!

I’m reading plays that we’re considering for next season (Yikes!). On Sunday I travel to New York to do the auditions for “i.”

I hope to see you at the theatre!