Director’s Brief: Calm and quiet….?

Director’s Brief: Calm and quiet….?

by Karen Azenberg

For the briefest of moments, all is calm and quiet here at Pioneer Theatre. Newsies closed last night and the cast departs today. The out-of-towners head home across the country to a wide range of destinations: New York, Michigan, Louisiana, California, Arizona, and Indiana—to name just a few.

I’m looking forward to a few days “off.”

In case you’re thinking, “She’s sitting at home eating bon-bons,” know that there are nine scripts to read, which should give you a hint what’s next on my agenda. Season planning!

Our in-theatre survey will be tallied next week. If you didn’t fill one out in the theatre, there’s still an opportunity to do it online. Your opinion matters and will help me put the puzzle of next season’s selections together. It’s a process that takes several weeks, and is not without drama. Usually, I can easily pick seven shows. The question is, can I pick seven shows that will attract an audience and make a balanced budget for.  We shall see…

Enjoy your holidays and thank you for supporting Pioneer Theatre!