Director’s Brief: “Newsies” Opening Night!

Director’s Brief: “Newsies” Opening Night!

by Karen Azenberg

It’s Opening Night!

I’ll keep it short this week… I tried to calculate the man-hours (can I say woman-hours?) that the cast and crew put in this week and it exploded my calculator. Leave it at: there were late nights, and early mornings, across the board. The show looks amazing and everyone’s very excited to get it open.

Of course, as is the case around here, no sooner is one show open than the next one starts encroaching. Larry Carpenter, director of Twelfth Night, is here today for auditions and then we both fly to New York next week for auditions there. While in New York I’ll see some theatre, meet with the designers for “i,”and interview some directors for future projects.

Check out our season survey—it’s available when you come to Newsies (and I know you are planning on that) and also online. Let me hear what you have to say about possible titles for next season.