Director’s Brief: So the New Year begins…

Director’s Brief: So the New Year begins…

by Karen Azenberg

So the New Year begins…

We’re in the quiet before the storm(s) here. And I have to admit, I enjoyed the phones not ringing and emails limited to after Christmas sales all of last week. But now we leave that luxurious calm and shift to all cylinders go!

We have auditions today, and tomorrow, for Mamma Mia!—and Bright Star begins loading in and the cast arrives early next week! It’s out of the ordinary for us to have a cast arrive and open the show in the same week; on the other hand, I can’t wait to hear that beautiful score live on our stage.

On other fronts:

Season planning is coming along… slowly. More on that as things develop.

I am teaching a class for the Actor Training Program in the Department of Theatre. (Gotta get my syllabus done!)

I am working with director Matt August on casting for The Envelope, the second of our Play-by-Play readings.

Eighteen days and counting until the first rehearsal of /i/.