Mary Stuart Cast Breakdown

Cast breakdown for Mary Stuart:

Elizabeth: Female, 35-50, any ethnicity
Queen of England. Complicated and layered, at times manipulative and uncertain as jealousy consumers her—but always formidable, radiating power and holding her own in a male dominated world.
Mary Stuart: Female, 35-50, any ethnicity
Queen of Scotland, prisoner in England. Equally complex, she is beautiful and charismatic with a hypnotic power that captures those around her. Often level-headed, but capable of fiercely letting loose when the chips are down and she makes her passionate case.
Hannah Kennedy: Female, 50-70, any ethnicity
Mary Stuart’s nurse, Hannah has cared for Mary since birth. She is a faithful and fierce protector of Mary and her royal rights, and an intelligent fighter with a soft heart. May have a trace of an Irish brogue.
Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester: Male, 40-55, any ethnicity
Changeable, crafty and sometimes weak-willed, but handsome and charming if a bit oily. Has multiple alliances and a thirst for attention, recognition and love.
Sir Amias Paulet: Male, 40-65, any ethnicity
Proud, strong and kind, he places fairness above all else. Though unabashedly partisan, he will not stand for anything that departs from the letter of the law. He will boldly challenge anyone he distrusts.
George Talbot: Male, 40-69, any ethnicity
Earl of Shrewsbury, thoughtful and deliberate with a strong sense of justice.
William Cecil, Lord Burleigh: Male, 40-79, any ethnicity
Lord High Treasurer, harsh, dark and powerful, he is fiercely loyal to Elizabeth and disdainful of Mary.
Sir Edward Mortimer/Earl of Kent: Male, 25-40, any ethnicity
Sir Amias’s nephew is young, zealous and passionate, and dedicated to Mary’s cause. He is a bit of an opportunist.
Sir William Davison: Male, 30-60, any ethnicity
Sir William is the Secretary of State; cautious and careful and ultimately a bit flustered when made the scapegoat by Elizabeth. Comically unwilling (unable?) to take initiative.
Count Aubespine: Male, 40-60, any ethnicity
The French Ambassador.
Sir Andrew Melvil: Male, 40-70, any ethnicity
Mary’s house steward. Devoted and kind, he becomes a priest to hear Mary’s last confession.
Ensemble Male 1: Male, 30-40, any ethnicity
Plays O’Kelly (Mortimer’s friend), Page, and Servant.
Ensemble Male 2: Male, 30-60, any ethnicity
plays Drugeon Drury (Mary’s second guardian), Sheriff, and Officer.
Ensemble Male 3: 20-35, any ethnicity
Guard 1
Ensemble Male 4: 20-35, any ethnicity
Guard 2