Phil Reno on Stephen Sondheim

Phil Reno on Stephen Sondheim

The following note originally appeared in the playbill for PTC’s Putting It Together (March 3 – 18, 2023): When Stephen Sondheim passed away in November 2021, at age 91, theatre lovers worldwide mourned the revered composer and lyricist who re-invented and re-invigorated the American stage musical. For over half a century, the New York City … Continued

Get to Know: Stephen Wrentmore

PTC’s upcoming production of Scapin is a new adaptation by director/playwright Stephen Wrentmore. Originally written in 1671 by Molière, this version of Scapin has a contemporary twist, but is still a hilarious farce about star-crossed lovers and parental objections. Set in vibrant 1960s Naples, Italy, PTC flips the script of Scapin. In this play, the trouble-making servant … Continued

So, the title.

So, the title. You may be wondering if I am applying an admittedly in-your-face label to someone in particular? To a certain character in the play maybe, or to someone from my own life? It could simply refer to a sculpture emerging in stone. But as I myself do come from a complicated family, let’s … Continued

Stripes: More Than Meets the Eye

By Vreni Romang, PTC Publicity Manager   Oh, I can see us now In our bathing dresses You in a nice navy And me….stripes perhaps –          By The Sea, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street   Stripes have held an unusual place throughout history. They designated the “deviant” from the normal, qualifying women … Continued

RadioWest to Interview J.T. Rogers

Doug Fabrizio of KUER’s RadioWest will host a special post-show talkback with Oslo playwright J.T. Rogers. The one-hour conversation will take place directly after the September 22 matinee performance, expected to begin at approximately 5:00 p.m. “We were talking to J.T. Rogers in the early days of his career,” said Doug Fabrizio, long-time host of RadioWest. “Now that … Continued

Director-Choreographer Patricia Wilcox on “Mamma Mia!”

What is left to say about a show that has been seen by 60 million people in 40 countries and has been translated into 23 languages? It is possible that the allure of this show comes from its relatability. Mamma Mia! can be seen as a tapestry of many of our lives. Music by nature … Continued

Guest Notes: From Ginger Rogers to “Twelfth Night”

An interview with Richard E. Waits Firstly, thank you for this interview! Secondly, please locate your mother’s vacuum cleaner, because I’m going to name drop! Q: So… it’s impossible to ignore the first line of your biography in our playbill—you danced with Ginger Rogers? At the start of your career? How does that come about, … Continued

My name is Abby Chase. I’m a high school senior…

Playwright Jeff Talbott shared with us an email he received. With the young student’s permission, we’ve reposted it here: My name is Abby Chase. I’m a high school senior who just loves theater. I went and saw Jeff Talbott’s “/i/” tonight, and it was absolutely the best play I’ve ever had the privilege of seeing. … Continued

i & me & you : The Real Star

i & me & you A blog about a play 8. The Real Star We’re almost there. And by there, I mean There. We’ve done all we can. I wrote a thing. It took as long as it took and some days it was difficult and some days it was less difficult, but I finished … Continued

i & me & you : The Secret Sauce & The Chef

i & me & you A blog about a play 7. The Secret Sauce & The Chef Since we’re rushing towards opening night, it seems like a good time to say something important. It’s something that every writer knows to be a we-need-oxygen-to-breathe level fact. It’s true one thousand percent of the time. It’s bedrock. … Continued