i & me & you : The Cookie

i & me & you : The Cookie

i & me & you A blog about a play 6. The Cookie Writing is, by pure definition, all about solitude. You spend your days largely isolated from the world at large, which is hilariously ironic because for most writers the only reason to shut yourself off from everybody else is to get some words … Continued

i & me & you : The Road & The Puzzle

i & me & you A blog about a play 5. The Road & The Puzzle So, now there’s a first draft of a play and it got taken on a tiny test drive, the wheels got kicked, and it seems like it might be a vehicle. Time to get it out on the road, … Continued

i & me & you : Detour (Love Stories)

i & me & you A blog about a play 4. Detour (Love Stories) Before we move from the now-there’s-a-draft thing to the what-happens-next thing, let’s talk a little bit about love stories. Because this play is a love story. It’s what I sat down to write, and it’s what I reminded myself I was … Continued

i & me & you : Smart Friends

i & me & you A blog about a play 3. Smart Friends A first draft of a play can send a tricky message to the guy at the keyboard; it took time — weeks, months, or even (eleven! [yes that’s a true story for another day]) years — and now you’re done. Yippee. It’s … Continued

i & me & you : Finding the Bathroom

i & me & you A blog about a play 2. Finding the Bathroom Now I’ve got scene 1, so I guess I’m writing a play. I know it’s a love story. I know it’s got a sci-fi bent. All that’s left is getting the rest of it on the page. Easy, right? Oh, yeah. … Continued

i & me & you : Before

i & me & you A blog about a play 1. Before Before there was a play, before there was a first line of a play, before there was even an idea, there was just me. Just a guy who writes plays getting ready to start something new, but the problem with the starting something … Continued

Highlight on the Newsies: Stephen Michael Langton

How does someone get to be a Newsies, anyhow? We had a moment to talk with Stephen Michael Langton who plays Davey in the cast. Stephen comes to PTC familiar with the role, as he had the opportunity to perform as Davey around the country in the First National Tour of the show. We had … Continued

Curious Incident…Dramaturg’s Note

Dramaturg’s Note Everyone on the autism spectrum is different. Because, you know, we’re people. ~ Chris Bonnello/Captain Quirk, autisticnotweird.com In his blogpost titled “asperger’s and autism,” author Mark Haddon resists those very labels for his protagonist in Curious Incident, writing, “it’s a novel whose central character describes himself as ‘a mathematician with some behavioural difficulties.’” Beyond reading “An Anthropologist … Continued

Guest Notes: Harrison Bryan

“Autism isn’t a disability; it is simply a different ability. We need to stop looking at it as a road block – but rather, as another door open to different experiences.” – Robin Wagner, “The Language of Autism” – I sat down with Seth Howell, and his mother, last week at “Ugurt” – (a local frozen … Continued