Masks to Order

Just like you, we can’t wait to get back to making theatre. While we wait for our season to begin, we’re bringing full-time, benefitted positions back, and turning the talents of our costume shop towards mask-making, to help our community slow the spread and get back to normal.

Here’s your chance to acquire some unique, professionally sewn masks, are form-fitted in different sizes, with ear loops, and a holder for a filter, AND support PTC at the same time.

New this Week

Fall days (windstorms!), back-to-school outfits, Halloween…. all causes to beef up your mask-attire. Check out our newest prints, available below, including some updated versions of our most popular, like Bees and Dragonflies. Looking for something that blends with your business attire as you return to the office? Check out the Menswear Cocoa or Black and Gray Strip. And if you’re getting started on your Halloween celebrations, you’ll find Halloween Splatters and Candy Corn.

The Costume Collection

These days, masks tell a story, and what better story to tell than one about…. your favorite story-telling? Unique, limited edition masks, made from costumes worn in your favorite shows, during some of the most memorable performances.

In addition to our regular selection of custom prints, this week we feature another, special, limited edition mask made from fabric used in a costume piece worn by Dirk Lumbard, in the role of Rooster Hannigan in Annie. This fabric is a lovely, soft beige cotton, with distinguished blue pinstripes. These masks will be a unique print and limited to 6-15 masks in each print. Once we’re sold out, that print is gone forever! The fabrics are 100% cotton, laundered and expertly sewn by our costume shop wizards. The Costume Collection of masks are limited to two each, and are $25 each.

Need a mask RIGHT NOW? Masks-to-Go are ready for pick up!

Let’s get started

Visit our Online Order Form and

First, select the quantity you’d like; you can buy quantities of 1 up to 15, with a savings applied as you purchase more. (If you’d like a larger group order, let us know in the comment field and we will get back to you with a price.)

Second, select the size. You can request Small, Medium or Large, or if you’d like a mix, please indicate in the comment field.

Third, choose a color or print from the selection below, or choose our featured mask from The Costume Collection. We will use either the fabric shown, OR something very similar, OR feel free to ask for something special!

That’s it! If you have special requests, indicate them in the space provided. Be sure you have provided a phone and email address so we can follow up on your request.

Thanks for your support!