Media Photos

Laughing Stock Media Photos

The photos below may be used for promotional purposes for Pioneer Theatre Company’s production of Laughing Stock. Credits must be included as shown. Photos by Alexander Weisman.

Click on photo for high-resolution version of photo (login required). Right-click to download.

ScreenLaughingStock.jpgImage for Laughing Stock. Original art by Modern8 Design.
LS2012-PUB-216sm.jpgL-R: Jack Koenig (Gordon Page), Cheryl Gaysunas (Sarah McKay). Photo by Alexander Weisman.
LS2012-PUB-191sm.jpgL-R: Joyce Cohen (Daisy Coates), Kymberly Mellen (Susannah Huntsmen), Anderson Matthews (Richfield Hawksley). Photo by Alexander Weisman.
LS2012-PUB-151sm.jpgL-R: Kymberly Mellen (Susannah Huntsmen), Jeff Steitzer (Vernon Volker). Photo by Alexander Weisman.
LS2012-PUB-119sm.jpgL-R: Kymberly Mellen (Susannah Huntsmen), Cary Donaldson (Jack Morris). Photo by Alexander Weisman.
LS2012-PUB-47sm.jpgL-R: Andy Rindlisbach (Braun Oakes), Lesley Shires (Mary Pierre), David Christopher Wells (Tyler Taylor). Photo by Alexander Weisman.
LS2012-PUB-230sm.jpgCraig Bockhorn (Craig Conlin). Photo by Alexander Weisman.