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From Salt Lake Tribune…

“Like all challenging plays, this worthwhile drama raises more questions than it answers. (Read more…) You may not love this play – it’s too aloof for that – but you’ll want to talk about it afterwards.”

“…Credit the actors for keeping this dense, talky play rooted in humanity. In a seemingly effortless performance, Dennis Parlato nails Oliver’s prickly charisma, probing intelligence and veiled guilt over his role in a tragic accident. And in the play’s most demanding role, Caris Vujcec somehow conveys Nadia’s idealism, her righteous anger and her suppressed longing for a previous life. ”

From The Deseret Morning News…

“As in [the film, Lions for Lambs] the action in this play revolves around a series of conversations about politics and war. In The Vertical Hour, however, the dialogue is fresh and meaningful. Sitting in the theater on opening night, you could hear people chuckle as they became caught up in the interplay of ideas.” (Read more…) “The acting is uniformly good, professional, very Pioneer Theatre Company…The Vertical Hour is an interesting new play, written by a well-known playwright. This month, if they choose, Utahns have a chance to see a well-acted version.”

From Salt Lake Magazine…

“The Vertical Hour is certainly worth your time, thanks to both Hare’s words and the strong performances on display.” (Read more…) “The story follows Nadia Blye (Caris Vujcec), a former war correspondent-turned-pro-war academic, who travels to England with her boyfriend (Antony Hagopian) to meet his father Oliver (Dennis Parlato), an anti-war ’60s refugee. The vast majority of the production revolves around Nadia and Oliver challenging each other’s ideals through pointed questions and long discussions. Sounds like it could be boring, but the performances by Vujcec and especially Parlato are strong enough to carry things along, and Hare’s script has far more humor than one would expect from a “war drama.” Good stuff.”

Don’t miss this important performance, closing January 26th.
Great seats are still available online or by calling the PTC Box Office at 801-581-6961.
This play contains strong language.

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