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“Every performance is first rate!”

From The Deseret Morning News…

“My palms almost began sweating as I watched the very uncomfortable Catherine being pushed to her limits by her strong, even domineering, father, Dr. Sloper. Thomas Carson is great in the role of protective but disappointed parent, a distinguished but lonely man.” (Read more…)

“The Heiress is tricky to talk about without giving away too much. But I left the theater thinking about one line: Is finding someone to love and being loved the same thing?”

From The Salt Lake Tribune…

“Ruth and Augustus Goetz based The Heiress on Henry James’ Washington Square, and few writers were better at deciphering the human heart with all its joy, pain, and complexity than James….Pioneer’s intelligent, multilayered production gives [the characters] resonant life.”(Read more…)

“Every performance is first rate. Effie Johnson’s Catherine transitions effortlessly from anxious self-consciousness through infatuated vulnerability to steely composure.”

From Salt Lake City Weekly…

“I must admit: What little I knew going into The Heiress, currently playing at Pioneer Theatre Company, did not inspire high expectations….Fortunately, I was wrong.”

(Read more…) The familiar plot setup does not resolve in any of the predictable ways I feared throughout the first act. The characters evolve naturally according to their individual makeups and experiences rather than out of didactic authorial convenience.”

From Salt Lake Magazine…

“I’ll cop to being a might skeptical going into the Pioneer Theatre Company’s latest production. I had little doubt about the performances or the sets, but I didn’t know if an adaptation of Henry James’ Washington Square would be quite my thing, given that I’m a typical ADD-afflicted kid of the ’80s.  (Read more…)  “I’m happy to report that my skepticism was unfounded!”

This breakthrough performance closes March 29th.
Tickets are available online or by calling the PTC Box Office at 801-581-6961.

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