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The Producers Media Photos

“PTC’s ‘Producers’ is lavishly, lovingly overstuffed!”

– Salt Lake Tribune

Closes Friday, May 10th – Remaining seats are selling quickly

From The Deseret Morning News…

“As the overture to “The Producers” began on opening night, I was delighted to feel the chills I get every time I see a Broadway show…. And I think you’re going to like it — if you like Mel Brooks and his brand of humor!” (Read more…)

From Salt Lake Magazine…

” The Pioneer Memorial Theater’s season-end production of Brooks’ “The Producers” is easily the biggest show I’ve ever seen at the U’s theater, between its ever-changing, explosive sets and a seeming cast of thousands filling the stage for nearly three hours with dancing, singing and bawdy slapstick comedy.”    (Read more…)

From The Salt Lake Tribune…

“I walked out of the theater feeling sated, if not reinvigorated, as if I’d been feasting on comedy by the pound!” (Read more…)

From Salt Lake City Weekly…

“There are some American musicals so thoroughly entertaining that it would take an act of gross incompetence to screw them up—The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, Chicago. After just a handful of years, it feels as though The Producers has already joined them.” (Read more…)

Photo above, L-R: Kevin C. Loomis as Max Bialystock, Elizabeth Clinard as Ulla and Michael Keyloun as Leo Bloom.

Tickets are available online or by calling the PTC Box Office at 801-581-6961.

Remember: Season Ticket Holders may purchase additional tickets at a 10% discount.