QuickChat with the Cast

DuoheadshotFirst show you were ever cast in?

Briana Carlson-Goodman (Mercedes): Aladdin at summer camp when I was 8 years old. I played Jasmine, and my black wig was almost as long as me!

Darrin Ritchie (Mondego): I played Woodstock in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.

Your character in three words…Go!

BCG: Passionate, resilient, open-hearted.

DR: Misunderstood, avenging, dark.

Last song you listened to on your phone/ipod?             

BCG: “Less Likely Places” by Addi & Jacq. Look them up!     

DR: “The Logical Song” by Supertramp.                                                     

Go-to shower song?

BCG: Um….vocal warm-ups? 

DR: “Evil Things” by Marc Broussard. 

Favorite guilty pleasure/junk food during tech?

BCG: Candy! And it’s not exactly junk food, but I’m obsessed with kombuca with chia seeds. 

DR: Quest bar chocolate chip cookie dough.

Everyone loves a horror story: worst audition story?

BCG: I fell flat on the floor during a dance audition…and I was RIGHT in front of the choreographer. No hiding that one. 

DR: I had so many bad auditions in my career I can imagine narrowing it down to just one!

Last Broadway show you saw?

BCG: Hamilton

DR: Disaster!