Find and Sign

Find and Sign

By Wendy MacLeod.

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Content Advisory

Find and Sign

SYNOPSIS: Julia is pretty, smart, funny and a dedicated public high school teacher in the Bronx. She is trying to get Mac, one of her brightest students, into Columbia. Iago is an on-the-rise and on-the-make music executive on the lookout for young hip-hop artists. They meet at a party and begin somewhat cautiously to date, but the road to love is mined with dangers as they consider the price of emotional commitment, their pursuit of career goals, and the perils and pitfalls of dating in modern-day New York.

LANGUAGE: There is a considerable amount of conversational strong language in the play.

Specifically, the language includes the use of the words “dick” (several times), “ass” and “assholes,” “piss” and “shit,” “pussy” (used as an insult), “fuck” (several times, used mostly as an exclamatory oath) and “motherfucker,” “orgasm,” “breast,” “nipples,”  and “damn” and “Jesus.”

SMOKING AND DRINKING: Several of the characters take drinks, and several may smoke, in several scenes.

SEX: Julia and Iago become a couple during the play, and while there is no explicit sexual activity in the play, we do see them 
kissing and embracing passionately, and there are discussions about the sexual aspect of their relationship. Julia is seen trying on and discussing lingerie (over her underwear) in the dressing room of a New York clothing store with her best friend Mona.


FOR WHICH AUDIENCES?: Find and Sign would be of interest to teenagers, but parents should be strongly cautioned about the language. The play is not appropriate for pre-teens or conservative audience members.

RATING: Find and Sign would be rated “R” for strong language.