An Inspector Calls

An Inspector Calls

“It speaks a truth we can’t ignore.”—The Independent

If an Inspector calls on you, is your conscience clear?

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Content Advisory

SYNOPSIS: In turn-of-the-twentieth-century Great Britain, a prosperous family is gathered to celebrate the engagement of the families’ daughter to a well-to-do gentleman when the festivities are interrupted by the arrival of an enigmatic inspector who claims he is investigating the death by suicide of a young woman from the nearby town. While none of the family members believe they know the victim, over the course of the evening the Inspector’s investigation reveals to each of them that they may be connected to the young woman’s life, and death, in ways they never imagined.

LANGUAGE: Little to speak of, beyond a few “damn,” “My God,” and “For God’s sake” exclamations.

SMOKING AND DRINKING: At the family celebration, the family enjoys a few drinks, and the gentlemen smoke cigars.

SEX: None. At a certain point, the discussion turns to the subject of men who keep mistresses, but there is no sexual activity in the play.

VIOLENCE: None, beyond the off-stage suicide of the young woman, whose death comes to haunt the family.

FOR WHICH AUDIENCES?: An Inspector Calls is taught to most British schoolchildren (much the way The Crucible is taught in America) and is generally regarded as a major work of British theatre. It is suitable for general audiences and children aged 13 and over. It would likely be above the heads of children under the age of ten.

RATING: If it were a movie, An Inspector Calls would be rated “PG.”

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