The Rocky Horror Show—Concert Version

The Rocky Horror Show—Concert Version

Book, Music and Lyrics by Richard O’Brien

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OCTOBER 22-23, 2015, AT 8 P.M.  

OCTOBER 24, 2015, AT 5 & 10 P.M.

Content Advisory

The Rocky Horror Show (concert)

SYNPOSIS: The movie version of The Rocky Horror Show, starring a very young Susan Sarandon, Tim Curry and Barry Bostwick, has been a cult classic on college campuses and late night movie houses all over the country for the last 40 years. The show is a send-up of classic horror movie conventions, in which a young and naïve couple who have car trouble on a dark and stormy country road stumble into a scary mansion and meet up with a very different type of Dr. Frankenstein, his monster, and his minions.

LANGUAGE: There is a small amount of strong language, but it is strong enough, in tandem with other elements, to warrant an “R” rating.

The language includes “dammit,” “Piss Off,” “shit,” “mind-fuck,” “bitch,” and orgasmic.”


SEX: The Dr. Frankenstein character, Frank-n-Furter, is a transvestite bi-sexual from “transsexual Transylvania” who seduces both Janet and Brad; while the concert version will not fully enact these scenes, their intent will be clear. The songs of Frank-n-Furter and his minions Riff Raff, Magenta, the Phantoms, and Rocky are in the gay camp style.

VIOLENCE: As befits a horror movie, there is a gruesome murder and a fair amount of blood, all played to comic excess. Again, the concert version may not fully enact these elements, but they are part of the spirit of the piece.

FOR WHICH AUDIENCES?: The Rocky Horror Show is not for conservative audiences or pre-teen children. High school students have been embracing the movie for 40 years, but children should attend only at a parent’s discretion. Audience members are welcome to “participate” in the traditions of the show by dressing up and talking back to the cast.