Something Rotten!

Something Rotten!

Hear ye, Broadway! Welcome to the ‘90s... the 1590s!

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February 25 through March 12, 2022

Monday – Thursday , 7 p.m.

Friday & Saturday, 7:30 p.m.

Saturday, 2:00 p.m

Content Advisory


SYNOPSIS: Set in 1595, this original musical comedy follows the Bottom brothers, Nick and Nigel, who struggle to find success in the world of theatre. They must compete with the wild popularity of their contemporary William Shakespeare, who seems to strike gold with every production. To gain an edge, Nick employs a soothsayer to identify the Bard’s next hit, misidentified as “Omelette.” With their troupe, they set out to produce the play—with a revolutionary twist—the first musical ever staged!

LANGUAGE: There is some common vulgarity, and while it will be offensive to some, it is used for comedic effect.

SMOKING AND DRINKING: There are a couple instances of pipe smoking. There is one scene where Puritan Portia is drunk, but other references to wine do not depict drinking.

SEX: While there are no depictions of sexual activity, much of the humor in this Tony Award-winning play is of the juvenile kind that uses bawdy situations for a laugh.   


FOR WHICH AUDIENCES? Audiences who enjoy bawdy, but harmless, humor should enjoy this. Children aged 10 and younger should attend at a parent’s discretion.

RATING: The type of humor would indicate that if this were a movie, it would be “PG-13.”

This production is sponsored by:

Andrea Golding Legacy Foundation