TSGO: Musicians

Karen introduces the next segment: Musicians! Always heard, rarely seen, the musicians and musical directors at PTC are usually hidden in the pit, or off to the side on the stage, out of the action, but we can’t imagine a musical without them. We’re going to share a few bits with you from some of the musicians we’ve worked with over the years.

Also, Karen introduces PTC’s masks! Made right from our own costume shop staff, these are colorful, come in different sizes, and can even be ordered custom. Check them out from our home page at http://www.pioneertheatre.org.

Happy Friday, and here’s Karen with an introduction by Helen Gregory.

Adam Overacker is back in Salt Lake City, fresh off of his tour in “The Book of Mormon Musical,” reminiscing about PTC and sharing his quarantine activities, with a little bass.

It’s been a minute, since 2014’s “One Man, Two Guvnors” but we can’t forget the Skiffle Band that opened the show and intermissions.https://youtu.be/7mZhz0Skh48https://youtu.be/7mZhz0Skh48

Denson Angulo, live (well live, then taped) from his basement!