Flex Pass

PTC $275 Flex Pass

Note: Due to the possibility of strict seating requirements as we wind down the pandemic, Flex Passes for the 2021-2022 season will only be offered to renewing Flex Pass patrons at this time. As state, county, city and University guidelines for seating solidify, we may open up Flex Passes to new patrons. 

Purchase ticket credit ($275) that you can redeem during the season for tickets, but at season ticket prices. That’s a 17% discount off of regular single ticket prices, but you pick the individual shows, number of seats and performances you want. Want to skip one? Want to take additional friends and family to another? Want to spend the entire pass on one show? You can do it all with a Flex Pass!

If you want:

  • Significant discounts
  • Complete flexibility as to the shows and performances you see

Then you want the PTC Flex Pass!