Your Ticket to Feel

Social distancing and theatre don’t really work together. You can’t work from home when you’re creating great theatre.

We miss feeling the anticipation and excitement as the lights go down and the curtain goes up. We miss the feelings of joy, and love, and even sadness that great theatre inspires. In short, we miss Pioneer Theatre Company, just like you do.

Great theatre will return to Salt Lake City in 2021.  And we’ll be there:

Beginning in September 2021, ready yourself for a celebration of stride pianist and composer Thomas ‘Fats’ Waller.

In October 2021, you’ll finally get a chance to witness the premiere of Ellen Simon’s play, a witty and engaging look at complicated relationships.

In December 2021, discover the joy of traveling to NYC with Buddy the Elf, in search of his real dad.

In January 2022, experience a new play, that stirs familiar oh-so-emotions about a public health risk.

February 2022, see a dazzling creation, that will give you an uproarious dose of fun.   

And in May 2022, prepare for a burst of romance, humor, dance and some of the greatest songs in Broadway history.

Season tickets are on sale now or call 801.581.6961.

Pioneer Theatre Company. Your ticket to feel.