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We are exceedingly grateful for the years of support from you, our patrons, donors, and sponsors. As a member of the Pioneer Theatre Company family, please know that our thoughts are with you during this time of disruption and uncertainty from the COVID-19 pandemic. We are concerned about your health and well-being.

We are devastated to have to suspend the remainder of our 2019-2020 season. Patrons are no longer enjoying mainstage productions, new play development is on hold, and student education and youth engagement efforts delayed.

Through PTC’s 58 years of fiscal responsibility, strengthened by our company and patrons alike, and with an unwavering commitment to our staff, we have braced for this storm. Like you, we have never experienced anything quite like the COVID-19 pandemic.

The wreckage left behind will include a depleted cash reserve and will have caused a revenue loss of at least $560,000. Funds are extremely tight. Meeting this global pandemic, as prepared as we have been for a crisis, was not something we could not have foreseen.

Please consider an urgent gift today
to help stabilize PTC for the future.

We know that engaging with theatre and the arts helps heal and sustain human connection. As we now live in the absence of direct human contact, the arts help fill emotional gaps left by social distancing. During this unsettling time, who hasn’t turned to art through streaming sites or social media for your favorite performers or discovered new ones to find a break from the unrest? Rest assured that PTC’s work continues. As we plan for next season, we look forward to once again enjoying shared experiences and serving you and our community. This is not the final curtain, only an unexpected intermission.

Please be safe and stay healthy!

PS: Click HERE for information on how the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act may affect your charitable giving.

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