Press Room

Press Room

Review Tickets:

We provide Opening Night tickets to members of the media working with recognized newspapers, radio stations, television stations, and other publishing arts organizations for the purpose of reviewing the production. On a case-by-case basis, we provide review tickets to established bloggers and other non-affiliated reviewers. If you would like to arrange to review a show at PTC, please contact Director of Marketing & Communications Joshua Black or call 801-581-6270.

Media Photos and PTC Logos:

Media photos of all our productions and upcoming productions may be viewed by any website visitor. High-resolution files of most photos are available by double-clicking on the photo, but you will require login access to do so. If you are requesting a login, or have any other questions about our media photos, please contact info@pioneertheatre.org, or call 801-581-6270.

PTC logos for media use are found here.

Press Releases:

You will find the latest press releases below. For past press releases, please visit the press release archives.

Recent Press Releases