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The Salt Lake Theatre

The Salt Lake Theatre The original pioneers had an affinity for live theatre, performing in Nauvoo, Illinois, before settling down in Utah. Deseret Musical and Dramatic Association was soon formed,

Equity “Scapin” Auditions

Actors Equity Association members who are local to SLC or have SLC housing are invited to submit an audition video online. Equity auditions will be submitted online via video beginning

Non-Equity “Scapin” Auditions

Non-Equity actors may sign up for an audition online.  How to Sign Up for an Audition Slot: Sign-ups for audition times will begin online Wednesday, May 16, 2022 at 9

Director’s Brief: The Future of PTC

Keep your eyes peeled for breaking news at PTC next week! Maybe it’s news about our 2019–2020 season—not that I could tell you anything now. (But if you can guess

Director’s Brief: We Bid Adieu to “Sweeney”

Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley has arrived! That is, the cast and director are all here, and the scenic and costume-building processes are underway.   It’s quite a different tone

‘Post Script’ Mondays

November 5, 2018 You are invited to join us! “Post Script” After Show Events Introducing “Post Script,” after the second Monday of every production. This is your time to visit

Director’s Brief: A Very Different Animal

Greetings from New York City! The weather is lovely, mild and perfect for walking—which I love to do when I’m here. Weaving between people and cars, handcarts and tourists, jaywalking

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