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Director’s Brief: Another Op’nin’, Another Show

“♫ Another Op’nin’, Another Show”

~ Cole Porter

It’s an oft-used phrase in theatre circles.

But on this opening night—for Sweeney Todd—I would offer that it isn’t “another” in the sense of “one more in a long list of indistinguishable titles.”

It’s another on a list of vastly diverse and differing experiences in the ’18–’19 season.

Also, each cast, and each show, forms its own family—some glorious and supportive, some more dysfunctional; but they are all families. This group is particularly functional, and caring, and respectful. They seem to truly value the experience of not just doing this play, but doing theatre. It’s lovely to be around.

On my personal “another show” list, this cast will rank highly and be remembered with fondness.

So, as today is the opening night of Sweeney Todd here at PTC—and, yes, this is when I’m most tired and sentimental—I thank the Sweeney family with the knowledge that they’re bringing great theatre to our audience, and will be adding this production to their own “another  show” résumé.

Don’t worry, this sentimentality will be nipped in the bud. I head to New York on Monday to hold auditions for Once.


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