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Director’s Brief: Fun Facts and Not-So-Quiet Weeks

by Karen Azenberg

Fun Facts:

  • In 47 days, I’ll go to New York to do our first round of auditions for the 2018–2019 season. (Interesting, because we only finished casting the ‘17–’18 season on Wednesday!)
  • This season we cast 116 actors. And that excludes Bright Star and the Play-By-Play readings. 116 represents Equity and Non-Equity actors, and student interns from the U.
  • To find the 116 actors, I held 35 days of auditions in New York, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City! In those auditions, we saw something in the range of 900 auditioners.

What’s going on this week, you ask?

The beginning of the week was still all about i. On Monday night, we did our PostScript after the performance (for those that braved the snow and the cold), where Jeff Talbott and the cast and I talked about the show with our audience in the lobby.

Tuesday, the Pioneer Theatre Guild hosted a lovely luncheon for the cast.

Around the building, though, no sooner than we got i open, we’ve been heading full throttle into both In the Heights and Twelfth Night. (I’ll tell you more about those next week.)

I’m also working on next season—sliding shows and dates around to put the best combination together; meeting with marketing to discuss artwork; meeting with production staff to discuss scheduling.

The quiet weeks are not really that quiet.

Thanks for checking in!

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