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Director’s Brief: We made it!

by Karen Azenberg

We made it!

Mamma Mia! opens tonight. Our disco adventure on a Greek island is on!

The last show of the season—particularly a big musical like this one—challenges the talented (and, at this point, exhausted) PTC production staff. As I sit writing this, the last painting is being put on the set. The last sequins are being sewn to the costumes. Choreography is being tweaked. Lighting adjusted.

It’s a race to the finish.

And we’ll get there.

I’m not sure the preview audience last night could tell what wasn’t “finished.” But we know. And we intend to use every last second before curtain to keep working.

Whenever people ask about my job, or say how “fun” it must be, I often find myself explaining all the hours and weekends and holidays we spend on theatre. The vacations missed. The sleepless nights. When your job is creating entertainment, it can be misconstrued as just fun. But making theatre is still work. It doesn’t pay most people well and there are loads of sacrifices. And yet—and this is the crazy part—I would rather do this than anything else in the world. And I’m pretty sure everyone else around here will say the same thing.

I am in awe of the dedication shown by everyone involved in this production and at this theatre. The desire to “get it right” extends across all departments. The end result shows in the faces of our audience, who left last night’s preview smiling and humming the songs on their way to the parking lot.

Thanks to everyone!

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