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Director’s Brief: Razors and Friends

Last weekend was our first Play by Play of this season. Did you miss it? Big mistake! It was a smashing success. Matthew Ivan Bennett’s smart and timely play Art & Class was a huge hit with our new play audience – post show conversations in the lobby lingered for quite a while, reinforcing for me how valuable this program is, not only for the playwrights and directors who participate, but for our audience. The next reading is in January – don’t miss it!

This week work continue on Sweeney Todd – we are pushing our way through the nearly 400 pages of music!!! The challenges on this one are great- it is a GIANT show – in scope, in emotion, on the production side both sets and costumes are well…..insane – beautiful, huge, detailed, incredible. You have to see it! Everyone is going full throttle, our first run through in the rehearsal room is next Tuesday and I have to finish staging this monster on a multi-story set (that doesn’t exist in the rehearsal room) by then. Wish us luck!

Sweeney’s Razor “Friend”
Sweeney Set

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