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Director’s Brief: Spring Power Trips

by Karen Azenberg

A few, quick thoughts for this week…

As this posts, I’ll be getting off the plane in New York. The red eye. My least favorite travel option. But our big Hamilton fundraising event was Thursday night in Salt Lake City, so if I wanted to be in New York City on Friday, then the red eye was the only way to go.

I call these my Spring Power Trips.

This one is 52 hours long.

I’ll have four to five meetings and see three shows—Lobby Hero, Mean Girls, and My Fair Lady. Then it’s back on the plane to try to salvage a little weekend time with my husband and daughter.

This past week, here at PTC, has been a fun one. We worked on our promo video for Mamma Mia! I met with dramaturg extraordinaire Andra Harbold to get started on background materials for Oslo (a play with six languages onstage). We also began preparing sides for our upcoming Sweeney Todd (and Oslo) auditions.

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