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Director’s Brief: The Pemberley cast gives thanks

It is a PTC tradition for the visiting cast to join me and my family for Thanksgiving dinner. It is a usually quite a feast with enough leftovers to carry us through tech rehearsals over the weekend. We open next Friday!

I asked the cast of Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley to write what their character might be thankful for this particular Thanksgiving; their thoughts are below. For those not intimately familiar with Jane Austen’s characters, Pemberley is the family home of Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy; Rosings is the family home of the DeBourghs, Jane Bingley is pregnant, and Mary Bennet and Arthur DeBourgh share an interest in the natural sciences.

For more information come see Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley at PTC running from November 30 through December 15.

— Karen Azenberg

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Fitzwilliam Darcy (Greg Balla) – This holiday season, I am grateful for the gift of loved ones, new and old. Without friends and family, Pemberley is merely a set of walls and a collection of furniture. Your presence transforms this house into a home.

Mary Bennet  (Elizabeth Ramos) – Thank you Lord for sonatas and paramecia. Where would we be without the marvelous microscope?

Arthur de Bourgh (Jamen Nanthakumar) – It is my Thanksgiving wish that the environment be as finely-styled and preserved as Rosings – especially the snails.

Anne de Bourgh (Savannah Moffat) – Though I prefer Rosings, Pemberley shall do for this Thanksgiving. I suppose I am thankful for the furnishings of Rosings and Mr. Collins.

Lydia Wickham (Jessica Naimy) – I am thankful for Lord Arthur and all of the handsome, eligible gentlemen. If anyone is looking for an entertainment come find me in Bath!

Charles Bingley (Logan James Hall) – I am thankful for…love. When you have that, you have the strength of the world at your fingertips…also turkey, very thankful for turkey.

Jane Bingley (Rachel Clausen) – I am thankful for my child, no matter what may come. I pray I will not die in childbirth, but Charles would be just fine regardless. He will be a wonderful father.

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