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Director’s Brief: Norwegian waffles…

Happy New Year!

The Jewish New Year begins this weekend—and I’d like to wish everyone a sweet and healthy New Year.

In my family, this time of year means a trip to the orchards for fresh-picked apples and honey as a part of our New Year’s celebration. Family and tradition are foremost in my thoughts as we approach tech and the opening of Oslo. We are all thoroughly enjoying this fascinating play, and taking advantage of the chance to talk about our own families and cultural traditions. I must admit the Norwegian waffles are a particular favorite in the rehearsal room, but so are Jeff Talbott’s homemade cookies. (Jeff plays Terje Larsen, the lead, in Oslo.)

I’ve included a few photos of all the beautiful work going on backstage and behind the scenes. Amazing, right?!

As promised, I’m going to give my blog readers some insider information on this year’s Play-By-Play titles. I don’t have everything settled yet, but I can tell you that our first play will be Art & Class by our very own Matthew Ivan Bennett! This is so “hot off the press” that I don’t have an official blurb yet. But I can tell you it brings forward themes of education, art, class, marriage, and community. It’s a terrific piece and I’m excited to bring it to our dedicated Play-By-Play goers.

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