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Director’s Brief: Sweeney Todd, Once and more

No sooner does Oslo open than preparation for Sweeney Todd begins.

For those of you who are PTC veterans, you’ll know what I mean when I say, “The set is designed by George Maxwell.” (It’s going to be spectacular!) A brief visual preview is attached here. These are photos of the model—and of a couple of the bigger set pieces currently under construction in our scene shop. I’ve included myself in the photo only to give you a sense of scale.

I’ve spent part of this week going through the show, scene by scene, to figure out not only which set pieces are used in each scene, but how those pieces might get positioned by which actors. Are they helping move that scenery, or is it moved by a member of the stage crew? Are they in costume or simply in black clothes because they won’t really be seen by the audience?

Meanwhile, Oslo is running on the mainstage. We’re excited for this weekend’s visit from playwright J.T. Rogers.

Last, today we have auditions for Once. Next week, I’m in New York for auditions for Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley and The Lion in Winter.

Next Friday, I’ll report from New York!


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