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Opening Night Blog: Happy Accidents

Our opening night blogger, Lansia Wann attends PTC’s openings as often as we can convince her to, and in return for an invite to the cast party, writes a post

Opening Night Blog: Once Upon a Time

Our intrepid Opening Night blogger Lansia Wann wanders into the cast party after each opening with some weighty thoughts, enlisting the cast and staff’s input. Here’s the ONCE edition. Once

Opening Night Blog: OSLO

by PTC blogger Lansia Wann Pick Your Own Battle My entire life, I have mostly lived in the dark. I shied away from the news, I tended to not read

Discovering that Happy Moment

by Lansia Wann Most of you don’t know me personally. I tend to keep my feelings to myself and I am fairly private about my life. I rather talk about

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