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Director’s Brief: Visiting NYC during the Holidays

New York was bustling—there is an “I’m living in a holiday movie”-thing that happens in New York in December. The decorations, the crowds, the cold! It’s a special time.

I got to visit with some of our wonderful Sweeney Todd cast members. I saw an eclectic mix of theatre, and particularly enjoyed The Lifespan of a Fact starring Cherry Jones, Bobby Canavale, and Daniel Radcliffe—a trio of consummate Broadway actors giving stellar performances. I had a very fun design meeting for Grease, various lunches, and coffees with agents and producers about possible upcoming projects.

I’m back in Salt Lake today—and disappointed because it is just as cold here.

Next week brings auditions for the La Cage Aux Folles Concert and Grease, along with the first rehearsal of The Lion in Winter!

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