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Get to Know the Cast of Hello, Dolly!

Dori Waymer (Minnie Fay) Who do you want to play you in a movie about your life? Shamelessly, I think I wanna play myself in the movie about my life

Fireflies’ Tito Livas: Q&A

Tito Livas doesn’t have to travel far to perform at PTC since he is a professional actor who lives here in Salt Lake County. During his professional career, Tito has

Fireflies’ Joy Lynn Jacobs: Q&A

Joy Lynn Jacobs plays Grace Bodell, Eleanor Bannister’s dear friend and sometime town gossip in Matthew Barber’s latest play. Fireflies runs April 1 -16 and Joy is making her PTC

Fireflies’ David Manis: Q&A

Who is Abel Brown? David Manis plays Abel Brown in Matthew Barber’s Fireflies, a warm tale of love late in life running April 1-16. At PTC David has appeared in

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