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Interview with scenic designer Yoon Bae

The period think-piece currently on stage, The Messenger, reflects the beautiful work of international designer Yoon Bae who did both the scenic and costume design for the production. Pioneer Theatre

Interview with playwright Jeff Talbott

  Jeff Talbott, a frequent guest actor and writer to PTC, is the playwright of The Messenger, which will enjoy its world premiere at PTC on Friday, January 14th. It

Town Hall for THE MESSENGER – Cancelled

Saturday Town Hall Event with panelists is CANCELLED Due to the recent spike in Salt Lake County infections and difficulty in securing COVID-19 tests for panelists, PTC has decided to

Interview with Elf’s Max Chernin

Bringing Elf The Musical to life on stage takes a little bit of stage magic, a lot of talented cast and crew, a believable Santa, and a six-foot tall actor with the

Interview with Director Alan Muraoka

By Jennifer Fitzgibbon Alan Muraoka, director of PTC’s upcoming show Elf The Musical, is a well-established actor and director and may look familiar to many of you. That’s because he


Popular holiday production returns to Pioneer Theatre Company and is directed by Sesame Street’s Alan Muraoka.     SALT LAKE CITY, UT— Pioneer Theatre Company (PTC) presents Elf The Musical, December 3 through December

Spotlight: Actor T. Ryder Smith

T. Ryder Smith stars in PTC’s upcoming World Premiere Ass. He plays Jule Waterman, the ailing genius sculptor who has to come to terms with his dysfunctional relationship with his


PLAY WITH “CHEEKY” TITLE RETURNS FOR ITS WORLD PREMIERE The originally scheduled production of the play penned by playwright Ellen Simon was postponed in March 2020 due to the pandemic

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